Do you fondly recall the camping days of your youth?

If you’re like most seniors, you think back with happiness to those happy, carefree rough and tough times spent in the great outdoors. Perhaps you think sleeping out in the wilds is solely a young people’s game but you’d be wrong.

The good news is that you can easy relive those days of youthful fun but this time in great comfort and with full facilities. The solution is known as glamping – glamorous camping. Better still, by heading to Sukau in Malaysian Borneo, you can enjoy it all at budget rates.

The World of Glamping

Think of camping and you’ll summon up images of lumpy mattresses, cold water showers and cramped spaces. However now you have a grand new option in the form of glamping.

Camping has cast off its old image of hard bunks and cold water showers to reinvent itself as a luxury experience for baby boomers who want adventure and the freedom of the outdoors but don’t want to give up the comforts of modern life.

Glamping is undergoing a wave of popularity and you can find prime facilities all over the world. Nowadays, seniors are rediscovering their youthful outdoor experiences through glamping. It blends the fun of living in the wilds with all the modern comforts you could desire.

Glamping doesn’t confine itself to simple tents. It’s all about the experience of being off the beaten track and close to nature. Today’s glampers enjoy staying at villas, eco pads, cubes, safari lodges, and cabins to mention a few. The only criteria are proximity to nature and creature comforts.

As you’d expect with this kind of luxury, it doesn’t come cheap. Prices often reach or exceed those of first class hotels making it a pricey undertaking. That’s why savvy seniors with a thirst for adventure head to the magic of the East – to Sukau in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.


Glamping in Sukau

Ultimately camping is about getting back to nature and the simple way of life. The good news is that in Sukau in Malaysian Borneo you can enjoy a glamping experience at rates that will bring a smile to your face.

Other than budget rates, the key reason Sukau is so ideal for glamping is its safe and natural location. Camping in the rainforest is an unique and awe inspiring experience. It’s the best place in the world to get close up with nature. Encountering the dawn in the depths of the jungle is something everyone should experience and its best done from a tent, hut, treehouse or rustic lodge.

Glamping in Sukau is also distinguished by the sheer range of facilities available. Other than tents, you can also choose to stay in treehouses, lodges, chalets, cabins and huts if you wish.

If you’re an older holiday maker and still dream of your younger days spent camping in the wilds, rediscover your youth in exotic surroundings and at a budget price in Sukau.

Unlike in your teens, you don’t need to spend hours pitching your tent or building fires. Everything is provided and the standard of accommodation is second to none. All you need to bring along is your sense of adventure and soon you’ll be creating memories anew.

To find out all you need to know, I’ve prepared a Done-For-You Sukau Holiday itinerary that you can use to plan your own holiday. It’s all included in a short PDF which you can download by clicking the button below.


Don’t delay. Soon you’ll be joining other retirees and older tourists in rediscovering their youth through the exhilaration of glamping in Sukau.

What Is Glamping?
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