apartDo you often feel you’re drifting away from your partner?

It’s natural that over time the most passionate relationship cools.

But you don’t have to accept it.

However long you’ve been wed, you can rekindle that intimacy and bond.

If you crave that sublime inseparable feeling you once had, here’s a way to get it back. You just need to take off together to a special place and let serenity, natural beauty and togetherness work their magic.

Do you remember when you first met and it was as though you lived in your own secret world?

Time seemed to stop and each day was treasure trove of discovery.

If you’re like most couples, those days are now a blur. Real life has a habit of taking over. Professional and family responsibilities crowd out intimacy and soon the memories start to fade.

The sad result is a falling off of closeness. Real intimacy is hard to achieve in today’s world, especially for urban dwellers. The fast pace of city life leaves us stressed and without the time we need to really connect.

Luckily, you can access a way to rekindle your intimacy and reconnect deeply. You just need to slow down in a rich and relaxed ambiance.

But where?

The perfect location is waiting for you in a place you’d never expect. It’s Sukau in the heart of Malaysian Borneo.

Curious? Read on to find out more.

The Magic of Sukau

HCL_MalaysiaBorneo may appear in your imagination as a place of wild remote beauty and that’s just how it is. Modern Sabah in East Malaysia boasts modern cities such as the capital Kota Kinabalu. But to find that special place of enchantment, you need to head out into the hinterlands, to Sukau.

In this small village nestling on the banks of the Kinabatangan River you can begin the process of rediscovery and forging new memories. Life flows at a gentle pace here letting you cast away the cares of time and focus on your partner as you did once.

In this serene setting of great natural beauty you can enjoy riverside walks and boat trips down the stately waterway. The banks of the Kinabatangan are lined with fruit and hibiscus trees and offer a rare glimpse into the relaxed local culture.

You can also share moments viewing some of some of the world’s most enchanting animals. As Borneo, indeed Asia’s, premier wildlife viewing destination, Sukau offers rare glimpses of some of the world’s rarest and most exotic fauna. Early morning or late afternoon cruises allow you to drift down the river, viewing the crocs, wildcats, macaque monkeys, elephants, rhinos and an abundance of rare birds are on display.



Jungle Living

Accommodation in Sukau is ideal for getting back to nature and re-bonding with your partner. Imagine staying in lodges, built of wood in traditional Malaysian style. Many rely on solar power making them perfect for ultimate eco-friendly holidays. If you’re at all concerned with conservation and green living, you’ll find much to admire in Sukau. Enjoying meals overlooking the Kinabatangan RiverYou can live in the heart of nature in these basic but comfortable dwellings perched on stilts over the river. Backed by thick jungle, some lodges are only accessible by water. This makes them the ideal getaway. Awaken to the magical sound of nature stirring in the mornings. Spend the day walking and talking in the serene atmosphere. In the evening, enjoy a candlelit dinner on a terrace overlooking the river, serenaded by a backdrop of jungle sounds. You’ll gather memories as few others can.

A Convenient Location

Traveling to east Sabah is a breeze. Fly into the capital of Kota Kinabalu and then take a short flight or bus trip to Sandakan which is just 60 miles from Sukau. So whether you’re newlyweds, married couples looking to re-bond or older partners seeking to rekindle your love and create memories with your loved ones, Sukau awaits. If you’ve decided Sukau is the place for you, please take advantage of our Done-For-You Sukau Holiday itinerary. It’s the perfect way for you to plan out all the details of your Borneo holiday. That way everything will run smoothly and you can relax, enjoy your time together, and create magical memories for your future. Just click the button below to download a short PDF which tells you all you need to know.


How To Rekindle Intimacy with Your Loved One
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