Millions of people have that foreign wildlife tour on their bucket list, and when the chance arrives to finally go for it, they likely would like to take the whole family on the trip. But just like any other holiday, taking kids along can be tedious if not carefully planned. It is not simply a matter of informing the staff at the Borneo hotels that you will be coming with the kids. There is a fair bit of planning involved if the plan is to be successful.

Start small

Most likely, the kids will have seen the animals in books and on television. Do not overwhelm them with the big stage too early or the questions will never stop coming, and you might be stuck answering them and not enjoying yourself. A clever trick is to start small, with the smaller attractions before going on the more elaborate wildlife tour. By then, they will be able to identify most of the animals on their own.

Manage their expectations

Chances are that this will be the first time the kids will be going on a trip as elaborate as this. They will be just as excited as the parents are to go on the trip, even more so. To make sure they do not feel shortchanged, parents must make sure they manage the expectations of their kids. Teach them about patience and remind that they will not always see the big game animals straight away. They might have to wait before they get to see that leopard or lion. They should understand that the point of the tour is the search and not necessarily express results. Parents must be prepared to help their kids kill the time during the safari when there is not much they can see. Play a game with them or have them read books about the animals so they are easier for them to spot when they appear.

Give them space

As much as you want to keep the kids in check, give them space to enjoy the holiday on their own. Walk them through it, but give them enough space to make their own memories.

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Holiday Fun with the Kids: How to Have Careful Fun

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