If you and your nature loving honey are looking for a great place to honeymoon you might consider Borneo. Full of amazing nature, creatures, and beautiful resorts this country has so much to offer. Indulging both of your passions during your once in a lifetime trip is so easy with Borneo.

Many of the resorts in Borneo have suites that overlook the rainforest. If you choose one of these you can wake up every day to different creatures and the amazing lush greenery of the lower canopy. If you prefer the sea more you can instead find a resort on the sea. For an extra special trip you can book one on a small island reachable only by boats.

Most resorts in Borneo are very secluded. Located in the middle of nature so you are living with nature instead of on the outside looking in. Spending a few days surrounded by nature and far away from civilization can be a great way to start your new life together. You may even have some small creatures try and join your life while you are there.

If you get tired of sitting in the hotel room there are many things to do in Borneo. Most famous are the safaris. You can also go to the beaches or tour the islands. Each of these options has something truly magical to enjoy.

The most famous safari on Borneo is the Danum Valley Night Safari. This safari will show you all of the creatures that only come out at night in this amazing country. From tiny bush babies to the occasional leopard you will be amazed by the variety.

This safari is usually done in groups with a guide who speaks to everyone. If you want to take a private safari you can do so for under $50 USD. These private safaris will take you to the same areas but you get more of a chance to talk to your guide and they may be able to show you animals more to your interest.

If you love primates Borneo has a large number of orangutans. There is even a sanctuary where you can see rescued orangutans. While you may see some out in the wild, this is a guaranteed way to see these beautiful primates. These sanctuaries are also pretty peaceful making an early morning trip a great way to relax.

If you love the water you have two choices in Borneo. You can go to the beaches or to the rivers. Both of these options offer a ton of opportunities to see amazing nature. The best thing is both of them offer a different experience.

Going to the pristine beaches you might see dolphins or other sea life. If you decide to go to the rivers you may see monkeys with huge noses and birds that you would think Disney made up. With either water choice you will get to see something truly amazing.

Making memories that last a lifetime is one of the first goals a honeymoon has. Making them in a beautiful place where everything seems designed to amaze you over and over is a great way to accomplish this goal. When you decide to go to Borneo you get amazing experiences, true nature immersion, and memories you will never forget.

Why Borneo Is An Amazing Place For A Honeymoon
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